June 30, 2011

Blocs 77 On-nut by Sansiri [under construction]

Blocs 77 : Sansiri
Almost complete as of 5/23/2011

Project progress @ Sansiri Website

June 25, 2011

IKEA Thailand open Nov 3, 2011 :: ไอเกีย อิเกีย


The End of Sales Office :: A Space by Areeya [demolition]

CDC P2 :: Crystal Design Center Phase 2

Crystal Design Center Phase 2
Bangkok, Thailand

^ Drop off area view from parking area

คลิกชม CDC Phase 1


View ArchCore Architecture Map in a larger map

Paradise Park Ceiling Details @ Entrance Hall

Ceiling with concealed light

Reflection on the floor

June 15, 2011

Design - Mario Bellini

"Design is not the product of a modern understanding. When the humankind started living on this Earth, man started cutting stones and cutting woods and making tools and try to setup huts. That is design"

-Mario Bellini